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2018 International Congress Voting Results Items 1-3

Here are the 2018 International Congress voting results Items 1, 2, & 3, and I’ll explain what this means for your league under each item:


2018 Congress Agenda Header

Now, what this means:

Item 1

Synopsis: This regulation would allow leagues to register players who live in another chartered Little League’s boundaries, with written consent from both league presidents and the District Administrator, for Regular Season during the first year and Tournament play during their second year of enrollment and participation.


This voting measure lost Yes: 42% No: 58%. This would have allowed a player who lived outside of a leagues boundaries, and did not attend school within the league boundaries, to play with that league given certain permissions and approvals. This would have removed the need for an Out-of-Boundaries waiver from the Charter Committee in the event all conditions of the rule were met.

This item was a double-edged sword from the start, and the leagues we surveyed were divided evenly about it. Some leagues felt that this rule would allow more freedom of choice for players to pick a league they want to play with, and in turn, require all leagues to build their program to attract new players. However, other leagues felt this rule would allow powerhouse leagues to form, and other districts to allow these leagues to build for the sole purpose of winning the International Tournament.

Since this item did not pass the congressional vote nor the Little League Board of Directors, the boundary rule remains unchanged for the 2018 season.

Item 2

Synopsis: This eliminates the maximum of eight (8) – 12-year-olds on a Major Division team.


This item was enacted Yes: 70% No: 30% and has been implemented for the 2018 season.

Previously, leagues were limited to placing 8 or less 12 year-olds on a majors team. This would assist leagues with spacing out 12 year-olds and was thought to help spread a leagues talent for regular season games. With the age bracket changes finalizing this year, Little League had suspended the rule for the 2018 season to allow leagues to compensate for the larger number of 12 year-olds this season. This voting measure has made this rule change permanent.

The rule also adds verbiage in to allow leagues to limit their number of registrations for players of a given age. Though leagues were able to limit registrations before, it is now in the rule book solidifying the leagues right to do this.

Item 3

Synopsis: This restricts a player from pitching in three consecutive days in Regular Season and Tournament.


Item 3 was passed Yes: 69% No: 31% and has been implemented for the 2018 season.


Voting Item 3 limits a pitchers eligibility to 2 consecutive days. A pitcher may no longer pitch in 3 consecutive days. Little Leagues definition of consecutive days is as follows: Pitcher Billy pitches in Game 1 on Monday. He throws 19 pitches. Pitcher Billy returns to pitch in Game 2 on Tuesday. He throws 10 pitches. Pitcher Billy is not eligible to pitch in Game 3 on Wednesday.

However: Pitcher Billy pitches in Game 1 on Monday. He throws 19 pitches. Pitcher Billy returns to pitch in Game 2 on Tuesday. He throws 10 pitches. Pitcher Billy IS eligible to pitch in Game 3 if it is Thursday or later, since he did not have a game to pitch on Wednesday.

This rule will be in place for the 2018 Tournament Season.


Stay tuned! More items to come!