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2018 International Congress Voting Results Items 4-6

Lets discuss items 4-6 of the Congressional Agenda.


Item 4

Synopsis: All suspended games will be resumed exactly where they were left off. Regular Season pitching will be governed by Regulation VI. Tournament pitching will be governed by Tournament Rule 4.


This item was voted Yes: 69% No: 31% and has been implemented for the 2018 regular and tournament season.

The past rule stated that if a game was suspended for whatever reason and the 1st inning had not been completed, the records of play up to that point would be discarded and the game would start as a new game when resumed. To be perfectly honest, we are surprised this wasn’t enacted earlier with the baseball pitch counts (note: this rule is for baseball, softball, and challenger). The general consensus of our leagues was supportive of this rule change and this rule will help further Little Leagues goal of protecting the arms of young pitchers.

Suspended games will now be played from where they leave off, regardless of whether the 1st inning was completed or not.

Item 5

Synopsis: This allows a Board of Directors to only schedule 10-game Regular Season schedule Senior Baseball and Softball teams. For Senior Division Tournament eligibility, a team must play a 10-game Regular Season schedule.


Voted in Yes: 87% No: 12%, this rule is for 2018 and beyond Tournament eligibility for Senior Baseball & Softball only.

The majority of senior baseball & softball players play for their school. In the past, a players school schedule was available for use as eligibility proof, however the team was still required to play 12 games. With the majority of players playing school ball, it is increasingly difficult to get 12 games played for the entire team, most leagues could not achieve this game total and thus were not eligible to play. Reducing the required game count to 10 will assist us in building the Senior age divisions in our own district.

All other age divisions are required to play 12 games. Junior age players playing in the Senior division are required to play at least 8 games (>60% of a 12 game schedule) to be eligible to play the junior age tournament.

Item 6

Synopsis: This would revise the substitution rule for all divisions of play. (Makes regular season substitution rules closer to tournament substitution rules)


Voting results Yes: 78% No: 21% and will be in place for the 2018 season. This rule modifies the previous regular season rule for substitution to closer match the tournament version. For some managers and coaches this will be a big change, as they will have to pay closer attention to who subs for who during the game. For managers and coaches with tournament hopes this change will make things easier, as they won’t have to learn 2 wildly different versions of the rule. Our leagues supported the change unanimously during our polling; most stated the rule makes the game closer to that of regular baseball & softball.