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June 20, 2018

Senior League Southeast Region Tournament

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Senior League Southeast Region Tournament

All information subject to change.
Last updated: July 24, 2018 @10:15AM

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July 20 – July 26

News & Updates


Schedules are current as of July 24, 2018.

All dates and times subject to change.

Date Time Event Video Location
Thursday, July 19
Deadline to Confirm Team Hotel Reservation
Team Hotel - Clarion
Friday, July 20
Managers Meeting
Team Hotel - Clarion
Friday, July 20
Tournament Family Dinner
Safety Harbor City Park
Friday, July 20
Safety Harbor City Park
Saturday, July 21
Safety Harbor City Park
Saturday, July 21
Safety Harbor City Park
Saturday, July 21
Safety Harbor City Park
Sunday, July 22
Safety Harbor City Park
Sunday, July 22
Safety Harbor City Park
Sunday, July 22
Safety Harbor City Park
Monday, July 23
Safety Harbor City Park
Monday, July 23
Safety Harbor City Park
Monday, July 23
Safety Harbor City Park
Tuesday, July 24
Safety Harbor City Park
Tuesday, July 24
Safety Harbor City Park
Wednesday, July 25
Safety Harbor City Park


Every year, the tech team from Florida District 8 & 12 produce a live webcast of our games.

*Any games that are streamed or broadcast by ESPN and its partners will not be available via our tournament webcast.


Southeast Region Senior Tournament is on Game Changer

Parent & Fan Information

The tournament charges a small admission fee to help recover costs associated with hosting the Regional Tournament. These fees are used only to recover costs for the tournament, and make improvements for future tournaments.

Entry fees are:

  • $7 – Daily Admission (18+)
  • $25 – Tournament Pass (18+)

Tournament T-Shirts and other souvenirs will be available at the tournament site. Pre-orders for t-shirts are available, please coordinate with you team manager for pre-orders.

Cash & Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) are excepted forms of payment for park admission and souvenirs.

The following items are prohibited inside Safety Harbor City Park:

  • Smoking, E-Cigarettes, other tobacco products, or illicit drugs are prohibited within the boundaries of the entire park.
  • No coolers of any size
  • Alcoholic beverages
    • There is a zero-tolerance policy enforced by Safety Harbor Police of any intoxicated persons.
  • Obscene Language or harassment
  • Hazardous or disruptive items such as, but not limited to, fireworks, speaker systems, laser pointers, or weapons of any kind.
    • The tournament does provide an announcer & music at the tournament site.

A tented, roped off area for the tournament operations and staff is located behind the backstop. Please refrain from entering this area, or the tournament office, at any time.

All offenders with be asked to leave the premises by the Safety Harbor Police Department.

Before the tournament, please complete the Concussion Information Sheet & Model Release forms the tournament provides to your manager. Players cannot play without both forms completed and signed.

Tickets are available for parents and fans to participate in the per-tournament party and BBQ. Tickets are $8 per person (all-ages).

These events require an RSVP before you arrive at the tournament. Please consult with your team manager to make your reservations.

Parking at the field and associated facilities is limited. Teams are encouraged to utilize car pools from their hotels to the tournament facilities.

The park is in compliance with the American Disabilities Act for disabled access.

Please refer to the Team Packet for tournament recommended hotels. Parents & fans are responsible for securing their own accommodations.

Team Packet

Updated: July 10, 2018 @ 4:00PM

Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor is a city on the west shore of Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. It was incorporated in 1917. The population was 16,884 at the 2010 census.

Safety Harbor Little League was initally chartered in 1972. Since then Safety Harbor LL has grown into a tight-knit community program with over 550 players registered in 2018.

Safety Harbor Little League has hosted the Senior Baseball Southeast Region Tournament since 2014, with 2018 being its 5th year.

safety harbor park

Welcome to West-Central Florida

Some would call this part of the United States paradise. Help us keep it that way by following a few tips Floridians have collected over the years.

In parking lots all around Florida, you’ll find funny things. One thing you will always see, cars parked far away from the buildings, but in the shade. We have lots of sunshine here, and sun burn is a real menace. Be sure to pack lots of sunblock, long-sleeved shirts, or even umbrella’s to protect yourself from sun burns.

Summer is in full swing during the tournament. The average high during the tournament is 90 degrees, and we promise you, it does get hotter. Florida’s relative humidity is also extremely high, usually between 70% and 80%. The importance of staying hydrated cannot be understated. Soda’s and snacks are available at the field concession stand, but don’t forget that water is too!!

For more information on hydration tips, refer to the Hydration Tips insert in the team packet.

Nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida still gets its fair-share of rain. In 2015, we had so much rain during the tournament the tournament staff kindly describe that year as the “Rain Games of 2015” (be on the look out for a Little League pin). Bring your umbrella’s and poncho’s to cover up when the sky’s open up. We also recommend water-resistant bags for your personal items, some times the rain starts to fall hard fast.

Remember, as long as the field is considered safe to play, we will continue playing in wet conditions.

Another friendly name for Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, and for good reason. During the summer, Tampa Bay receives as much lightning as the world’s lightning leaders, and every year 10 people, on average, are killed by lightning strikes.

We take this seriously.

The field is equipped with Lightning Detection systems to protect our players and fans. The system is simple; when the conditions to create lightning are present over the field, a 15-second horn blast will sound to declare a “Red Alert”. All games and activities will be stopped, and the park evacuated. Players, Coaches, and fans must leave the park and evacuate to their cars or other shelter. The pavilion shelter at the park is not considered good protection. During “Red Alert” periods, stay tuned to the tournament Facebook page for updates. Activites will resume once the all-clear has sounded, 3 5-second horn blasts.

As you can see from our pictures, the park is immediately on the water. That water is an estuary for Tampa Bay.

There is water everywhere, and for that reason we recommend you keep small children within sight at all times.

The majority of the water around the Safety Harbor area is salt water, and can be home to alligators, crocodiles, snakes, even sharks. Save the swimming for the hotel pool or beach.

The entire state of Florida can be viewed as an ecological preserve. This is especially true as you move closer to the coasts. Florida is surrounded by water & completely covered in marshland, forests, and prairies. The locals are very protective of their surroundings. As an example, don’t be surprised to find when a restaurant serves you drinks without straws (don’t worry, you can ask for them).

To be a good guest, be sure to place your trash in a trash can, and to leave the area you visit cleaner than it was when you arrived.

That said, the wildlife isn’t all that cute and cuddly. Florida has alligators, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, insects, & all sorts of other things that go bump in the night. Even some of the plants are dangerous.

When in built up areas, such as the public area’s at the field, you are mostly protected from the larger animals and dangerous plants. Bring bug spray and repellents for the smaller insects. If during your free time you find yourself on an excursion off-the-beat-path, be aware of your surroundings. Stay out of shallow water that you cannot see the bottom in. Don’t ignore signs that tell you to stay out for your safety. And above all, don’t touch the wildlife.

Observe the beauty Florida has to offer; don’t become a part of it.

All of Florida can be a tourist trap. Instead of purchasing bug spray or sun screen from the corner convience store, find a local grocery store. This is Florida, Publix is huge here.

We do not recommend any homemade remedies to replace sunscreen or bug spray. The mosquitoes are almost immune to bug spray as it is, and the sun will bake off any kitchen oils on your skin in about 5 minutes. We highly recommend buying the real thing.

Meet the Teams

ALL TEAMS Have Checked In

Be sure to contact the Tournament Director, & your Team Parent (Host) as soon as possible!


North Springs Little League
FL District 10
Coral Springs, Florida

ManagerDustin Brian
CoachMitch Baker
CoachConnor Brian
8Joey Campbell
23Mikey Castrogovianni
3Caleb Cyr
17Jake Fagan
21Alexander Figueroa
7Colin Flynn
14Luis Fuentes
9Matt Hendrix
4Tyler Le
27Jhan Ledezma
24Connor Manning
2Timmy Manning
11Coby Mayo
99Aidan Minott
10Richie Pena
1Mikey Sarakinis


Martinez-Evans Little League
GA District 6
Martinez, Georgia

ManagerRobert Peel
CoachWoodie Melton
CoachFrank Crutchfield
19Brian Peel
7Joshua Melton
24Antwuan Rolling
44Camrin Dunbar
1Aaron Skinner
4Reid Soper
00Dartius Dunn
12Bryce Hoover
20George Whitley
10Ryan Nielsen
27Cole Corcoran
21Trevor Creagan
33Preston Price
3Matthew Roa
26David Bell

North Carolina

Coulwood-Oakdale Little League
NC District 3
Paw Creek, North Carolina

Manager Chad Keistler
Coach Mike Sellers
Coach Trevor Gibson
11 Jacob Brooks
7 Matt Calvello
22 Ben Cipriano
9 Noah Gibson
12 Cole Hart
2 Matt Hoover
8 Cohen Howard
00 A.J. Howland
14 Camden Keistler
10 Jackson Little
1 Peyton Mincey
23 Blake Nelson
44 Dakota Parker
99 Cole Pettitt
34 Tyler Sellers
21 Abraham Williams

South Carolina

Summerville Little League
SC District 2
Summerville, South Carolina

ManagerKyle Stampley
CoachGene Rogers
CoachJaime Clarke
28Huntley Summersell
56James Farque
8Taylor Rogers
99Dokota Creech
98Brendan Young
23Zack Young
6Capers Molinaroli
20Juan Volquez-Rodriguez
4Ahmad Tucker
42Tyreek Johnson
7Logan Wilson
5Cole Gullotti
11Sean Farrell
55Aaron Carson


Smith County Little League
TN District 2
Smith County, Tenessee

ManagerChris McClanahan
CoachTracy Mofield
CoachBarry Preston
24Cody Williams
20Layton Cripps
10Cole Huddleston
6Robert Preston
13Cody Antoniak
11Matthew Jones
14Seth Bingham
23Ethan Young
25Ashton Phillips
18Evin Graber
4Tanner Coleman
15Kobe Jones


Abingdon Little League
VA District 1
Abingdon, Virginia

ManagerScott Boggs
CoachGarrett Thacker
CoachTony Austin
1Luke Francisco
2Brant Boggs
3Jake Thacker
4Chase Hungate
5Jadon Boothe
6Jonas Lane
9James-Isaac Hayton
10Will Jennings
11Jacob Kestner
18Jake O’Quinn
19Josh Lockhart
20Caleb Collins
23Brody Dotson
24Alex Odle
42Grayson Waddle
44Will Austin
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West Virginia

Summersville Little League
WV District 8
Summersville, West Virginia

ManagerJim Brown
CoachJeremy Nicholas
CoachTommy Comer
1Noah Parker
2Tyler Sedlock
3Trey Comer
5Bryce McClung
7Rylee Nicholas
8Derek Mullins
11Jordon McKinney
12Colton Ferrell
13Austin Brown
23Dylan Bell
24Garrett Kesterson